The initial drinking water supply concept from the West Morava River was quitted after the construction of 650 liters / sec. Water Treatment Plant in Majdevo, as well as the 20 km long main pipeline Ø 1000 Majdevo-Kruševac. This Plant is supplied with raw water from the accumulation lake Ćelije, and since 2014. reconstruction of the Water Factory has been done in terms of technical and technological modernization and capacity increase of the plant to 1.000 l / s, which in large part provided the preconditions for PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" to turn into a Regional Water Supply System and enables the continuous supply of drinking water to the surrounding municipalities, Varvarin and Ćićevac (Aleksandrovac and part of the municipality of Trstenik are already in the system). As shown by the data, between the period of time from 1984. and the first months of 2017, the water supply network has been significantly expanded in all directions, so nowadays its length has reached over 700 km, from which nearly 105,000 inhabitants are supplied....

Activities on the realization of the construction of the Water Supply System in several village settlements are under way: Konjuh, Ljubava, Kamenare, Lazarevac, Komorane, Globare, Dvorane, Petina, Poljaci, Lovci, Sušica, Pozlata, Crkvina. Zdravinje, Kaonik, Đunis, Jošje, Velika Lomnica, Buci and Veliko Grkljan. The concept of water supply for settlements in the area of ​​Veliki Šiljegovac and Ribar was also done. The construction of the main pipeline to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin has been completed, which enabled their residents to get healthy drinking water. The possibility of bringing healthy drinking water to the group of settlements in the Municipality of Trstenik, which is located on the left bank of the river of the West Morava, is being considered.

Adopted Intergovernmental Agreements foresees that the Healthy Drinking Water from the Facility in Majdevo should be provided to the Municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin, while the Municipalities of Aleksandrovac and part of the Municipality of Trstenik are already being supplied from the system.

In order to realize the idea of ​​the Regional Water Supply System of the Rasina District, large investment activities have been launched to ensure sufficient quantities of quality drinking water.

In 1994, for the purpose of provision of water supply to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varavarin, construction of main pipelines was started to transport water from Kruševac to these municipalities. Large amounts of funds were needed for the realization of these facilities, and they were provided by the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin, the City of Kruševac, and mostly by the Republic Ministries.

The construction lasted for a long time, and ultimately the main pipelines were completed at the end of 2016. Practically, Ćićevac Municipality started to use healthy drinking water from the "Ćelije" System at the beginning of 2017, and in the coming period, the connection of the Varvarin Municipality is expected.

As part of the Regional Water Supply System, based on the General Design of the Regional System "Ćelije", a reservoir was built in the inhabited town of Lipovac on the main pipeline that goes by from the Water Treatment Plant in front of the water supply system in Kruševac. The role of the reservoir is extremely large, it enables a smooth, continuous operation of the Water Treatment Plant, keeps constant water pressure in the system regardless of changes in consumption and is used in the water distribution to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin.

In the coming period, another Project within the Regional Water Supply System will be carried out, and that is the remote monitoring and management, in order to monitor the operation of the entire system from one center and, if necessary, react in a timely manner.

In the current operating conditions, there is a Regional Water Supply System of the Rasina District with the following facilities:

- the Accumulation of "Ćelije" as a source of raw water;

- 2,5 km long main pipeline of raw water from the Accumulation "Ćelije" to the Water Treatment Plant;

- Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Majdevo with a capacity of 1,000 l / s;

- 19 km long main pipeline Ø1000 from the Plant to the Measuring-Regulation Block in Lipovac (reservoir in Lipovac).

- Main pipeline Ø1000, Ø600, Ø400 in the total length of over 30 km, from the Measuring and Control Block in Lipovac to the Ćićevac and Varvarin Municipalities;

- Distributive Water Supply Systems of the City of Kruševac, Ćićevac Municipality and Varvarin, Municipalities of Aleksandrovac and parts of the Municipality of Trstenik.


Construction of the sewage system in Kruševac started in 1958, according to the separation system. As the city developed on a wavy valley between the Rasina and the West Morava River, it also influenced the general directions and main sewer collectors. The sewer system includes a complex technical and technological system that extends to about 280 kilometers. It deals with the collection and drainage of sewage and rain water, sewage network maintenance, monitoring, management and ecological monitoring of the sewage system and recipient protection. The sanitary sewerage system of the City of Kruševac can be divided into three areas, which have their common characteristics: City area, Dedina - Parunovac area and Čitluk area. The unification of these areas is ongoing and activities regarding the completion of the the main city collectors precede. When the collectors are constructed, the collected wastewater will be taken to the purification system, as it is foreseen by the Feasibility Study for the City of Kruševac waste water collecting and drainage , dated 2012....

The goal of the Company is to discharge waste water in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection, planned and stable development, along with the continuous implementation of innovative ideas and respect for environmental principles. Approximately 79,000 inhabitants, or over 16,000 households and commercial facilities, have been connected to the city sewage system.

Within the Program of financial cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Serbia - City of Kruševac, PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" and the German Development Bank, financed works on the reconstruction of the construction of the sewage system in Kruševac. This investment program aims to provide the population with sustainable disposal of wastewater, through the construction of a waste water collectors. Because of the work load and its complexity, which consists of 18 Major Projects, collectors are divided into two groups (two LOTs). The value of LOT 1 works is 1.091.000 Euros, and LOT 2 is 6.889.513 Euros. After the construction of a new sewerage network and collectors, the total length of the sewerage network will be 330.73 km and 83.000 inhabitants will be connected.

First group of collectors - LOT 1

LOT 1 - The first group (LOT 1) consists of seven projects with complete primary and secondary lines. The total length of the first LOT is 10.013 m. In 2013, a Joint Venture of Enterprises, headed by GAUFF Ingenieure from Franfurt, was selected for the design and preparation of tender documentation. In 2014 and 2015, the purchase of land was made, projects for the construction of all seven collectors from the first group of projects Component 1 (LOT 1) were completed, building permits were provided, the Tender procedure was conducted, the Contractor was selected and works were contracted for construction of a collector (LOT 1). The selected Contractor is JV "Telekomunikacije Blace" and "SADE" - SERBIA CGTH, and PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" is the contracting authority. The value of LOT 1 works per Tender is EUR 1.091.000.

LOT 1 consists of:

1.Košijski collector - It extends from Poručnika Božidara - Hajduk Veljkova - Dostojevskog – Kralja Aleksandra Street (across from Shopping Center Roda) - along the airport - the beginning of Lipovac settlement (across from the water supply facility).

2. Collector of rain sewage in the settlement Bagdala III in Kruševac - It extends from Kosovske bitke Street to the Street in the existing rainwater collector at the corner of Princa Pavla and Karađorđeva Street.

3.Collector in Kralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja Street - It extends from Radomira Jakovljevića Street to the connection to the Košijski collector.

4.Kožetinski collector - It extends from Majke Jugovića Street to the crossroad Ćirila i Metodija and Kosovska Street in Kruševac.

5. Rainwater Drainage Collector in Kolubarska Street in Kruševac (Ivankovački blok) - It extends from Kolubarska Street – Save Šumanovića Street – Kolubarske bitke Street in Kruševac.

6. Rehabilitation of the sewage system of the wastewater in the Parunovac bridge zone - It is spreading in the zone of the Parunovac bridge.

7.Jasički collector - It extends to the connection to the planned collector "S" in Kruševac.

Works on the construction of the first group of collectors - LOT 1 were completed in 2016 within the planned deadline, according to the building permit. In January 2017, a handover of works on the construction of the collector group - LOT 1 was carried out between the consultants from GAUFF, the representatives of the Contractors "Telekomunikacije Blace" and the Supervisor - PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac". The signing of all the necessary documentation for these works was done, and PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" officially received all the final works.

Another group of collectors - LOT 2

LOT 2 - The second group (LOT 2) consists of 11 projects with complete primary and secondary lines for settlements. The total length of LOT 2 is 31 km, as well as the regulation of the Garski Creek in the total length of 1.5 km. In 2016, the Contractor was selected after the conducted Tender Procedure, which is Joint Venture "Telekomunikacije" d.o.o. - "Jedinstvo" Sevojno - "SADE" Serbia CGTH. PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" is the Employer, and the value of LOT 2 executed works is EUR 6,889,513. At the beginning of 2017, the execution of works began on the construction of the second group of collectors - LOT 2.

LOT 2 consists of:

1.Collector "D" - Reconstruction - connection of waste water collector to collector "D" at the crossroads of Jasički road and Železnicka Street in Kruševac.

2.Čitlučki collector - Waste water collector from Čitluk to the joint on the collector "C" in Kruševac.

3. Pakašnički collector - Waste water from the direction of Pakašnica along the right bank of the Garski Creek, from Vojvode Mišića Street to Železnička Street in Krusevac. The project is divided into 2 parts.

4.Collector "B" - Waste water collector "B" from the left bank of the Gaglovska river to the Jastrebački road in Kruševac.

5.Lazarički collector – Lazarički waste water collector from Železnička Street to the connection to Jasički collector in Kruševac.

6.Collector "C" - Waste water collector "C" from Jasički road to inflow in collector "A" in Kruševac.

7.Sewerage network in Veliko Golovode settlement - Sewerage network in Veliko Golovode settlement, Municipality of Kruševac.

8.Sewerage network in the settlement of Modrica - Sewerage network in the settlement of Modrica, Municipality of Kruševac.

9.Sewerage network in Lipovac settlement - Sewerage network in Lipovac, Municipality, Krusevac.

10.Sewerage network in the settlement of Pakašnica - Sewerage network in the settlement of Pakašnica, Municipality of Kruševac.

11. Regulation of the Garski Creek - Regulation of the Garski Creek from the Street Cara Lazara to the Street of Vojvode Mišića in Kruševac.


Within the Program of German financial cooperation with Serbia, KFW Development Bank finances investments for the rehabilitation of city water supply and sewage systems in selected medium-sized municipalities in Serbia. The objective of the Investment Program is to ensure sustainable water supply and improvement of the wastewater disposal for the population at socially acceptable prices. The overall objectives, the Water and Wastewater and Water Treatment Program in the midium-sized municipalities in Serbia, are to improve local government, institutional setting and service provision, and to improve the living conditions of the population in project municipalities. Within the Program III, Phase 2, waste water in the medium- sized municipilaties in Serbia the Project "Plant for Collection and Treatment of Waste Water" for the City of Kruševac was approved....

The Waste Water Collection and Treatment Plant will be constructed on the surface of 5.1 hectares. After the Expropriation had been carried out, ownership of the location was granted to the City of Kruševac, which will give it over to the PUC Vodovod-Kruševac. The location of the future Plant is located in Cadastral Plot Bivolje, in the area north of the Western Highway, between the future highway Pojate - Preljina and the defensive embankment of the Western Morava.

The Contract for the execution of works was signed in 2016. During 2017, preparatory works began, which included clearing the terrain, fencing the site and providing access points. After completion of technical documentation, laying of the foundation stone on the 14th of October, 2017. the Construction Site of the future Wastewater Treatment Plant was officially opened.

Quality of purified water

After the treatment at the WWTP , purified water will be discharged into the recipient of the West Morava River. The Project envisages that the quality of purified wastewater meets the standards required by the Regulation on Limit Values of Emissions of Pollutants in Water and the Deadlines for their Completion, as well as the European Council Directive on Wastewater Treatment (Council Directive 91/271 / EC).


The sustainable development of the accumulation "Ćelije" means the development of management of this water resource in the way that the needs of current generations for water are carried out not to endanger the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. In order to achieve this, we have designed the use of water from this accumulation on the long-term protection of the available water supply according to the quantity and quality...

The basic principle on which the sustainable development of the accumulation "Ćelije" is based are essentially processes that will not disturb the natural flow of water, its connection and interdependence with the coastal ecosystem of the river that flows into the accumulation, as well as the processes taking place on the very coast of the accumulation. The Unity of the Water Area, as the principle of sustainable development, means that water does not know the administrative boundaries, and in order to achieve the economic and social effects of the municipalities on the basin of the accumulation, coordinated actions of all factors of the catchment area must be carried out. Unwanted processes can be foreseen, prevented by the preventive measures, thus ensuring long-term and sustainable use of the reservoir. PUC "Vodovod Krusevac", as a socially responsible company, provides maximum support to the citizens to get acquainted with the results of monitoring of water quality in the lake, as well as with the results of water quality that citizens use for their needs. By implementing the educational workshops, waste clean-up campaigns , PUC "Vodovod Krusevac" is trying to change the awareness of citizens and provide training to younger generations in a sustainable relationship towards this common benefits.

The legal basis for the sustainable development of the accumulation is included in the Study on the zones of sanitary protection of the water sources of the accumulation "Ćelije" and the Regulation on the establishment of the Spatial Plan of the special purpose of the catchment basin "Ćelije". The legal acts were adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, since the dam and accumulation "Ćelije" are owned by the State, and the management is entrusted to the Public Water Management Company "Srbija voda".


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