The initial drinking water supply concept from the West Morava River was quitted after the construction of 650 liters / sec. Water Treatment Plant in Majdevo, as well as the 20 km long main pipeline Ø 1000 Majdevo-Kruševac. This Plant is supplied with raw water from the accumulation lake Ćelije, and since 2014. reconstruction of the Water Factory has been done in terms of technical and technological modernization and capacity increase of the plant to 1.000 l / s, which in large part provided the preconditions for PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" to turn into a Regional Water Supply System and enables the continuous supply of drinking water to the surrounding municipalities, Varvarin and Ćićevac (Aleksandrovac and part of the municipality of Trstenik are already in the system). As shown by the data, between the period of time from 1984. and the first months of 2017, the water supply network has been significantly expanded in all directions, so nowadays its length has reached over 700 km, from which nearly 105,000 inhabitants are supplied....

Activities on the realization of the construction of the Water Supply System in several village settlements are under way: Konjuh, Ljubava, Kamenare, Lazarevac, Komorane, Globare, Dvorane, Petina, Poljaci, Lovci, Sušica, Pozlata, Crkvina. Zdravinje, Kaonik, Đunis, Jošje, Velika Lomnica, Buci and Veliko Grkljan. The concept of water supply for settlements in the area of ​​Veliki Šiljegovac and Ribar was also done. The construction of the main pipeline to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin has been completed, which enabled their residents to get healthy drinking water. The possibility of bringing healthy drinking water to the group of settlements in the Municipality of Trstenik, which is located on the left bank of the river of the West Morava, is being considered.

Adopted Intergovernmental Agreements foresees that the Healthy Drinking Water from the Facility in Majdevo should be provided to the Municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin, while the Municipalities of Aleksandrovac and part of the Municipality of Trstenik are already being supplied from the system.

In order to realize the idea of ​​the Regional Water Supply System of the Rasina District, large investment activities have been launched to ensure sufficient quantities of quality drinking water.

In 1994, for the purpose of provision of water supply to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varavarin, construction of main pipelines was started to transport water from Kruševac to these municipalities. Large amounts of funds were needed for the realization of these facilities, and they were provided by the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin, the City of Kruševac, and mostly by the Republic Ministries.

The construction lasted for a long time, and ultimately the main pipelines were completed at the end of 2016. Practically, Ćićevac Municipality started to use healthy drinking water from the "Ćelije" System at the beginning of 2017, and in the coming period, the connection of the Varvarin Municipality is expected.

As part of the Regional Water Supply System, based on the General Design of the Regional System "Ćelije", a reservoir was built in the inhabited town of Lipovac on the main pipeline that goes by from the Water Treatment Plant in front of the water supply system in Kruševac. The role of the reservoir is extremely large, it enables a smooth, continuous operation of the Water Treatment Plant, keeps constant water pressure in the system regardless of changes in consumption and is used in the water distribution to the municipalities of Ćićevac and Varvarin.

In the coming period, another Project within the Regional Water Supply System will be carried out, and that is the remote monitoring and management, in order to monitor the operation of the entire system from one center and, if necessary, react in a timely manner.

In the current operating conditions, there is a Regional Water Supply System of the Rasina District with the following facilities:

- the Accumulation of "Ćelije" as a source of raw water;

- 2,5 km long main pipeline of raw water from the Accumulation "Ćelije" to the Water Treatment Plant;

- Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Majdevo with a capacity of 1,000 l / s;

- 19 km long main pipeline Ø1000 from the Plant to the Measuring-Regulation Block in Lipovac (reservoir in Lipovac).

- Main pipeline Ø1000, Ø600, Ø400 in the total length of over 30 km, from the Measuring and Control Block in Lipovac to the Ćićevac and Varvarin Municipalities;

- Distributive Water Supply Systems of the City of Kruševac, Ćićevac Municipality and Varvarin, Municipalities of Aleksandrovac and parts of the Municipality of Trstenik.


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