The sustainable development of the accumulation "Ćelije" means the development of management of this water resource in the way that the needs of current generations for water are carried out not to endanger the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. In order to achieve this, we have designed the use of water from this accumulation on the long-term protection of the available water supply according to the quantity and quality...

The basic principle on which the sustainable development of the accumulation "Ćelije" is based are essentially processes that will not disturb the natural flow of water, its connection and interdependence with the coastal ecosystem of the river that flows into the accumulation, as well as the processes taking place on the very coast of the accumulation. The Unity of the Water Area, as the principle of sustainable development, means that water does not know the administrative boundaries, and in order to achieve the economic and social effects of the municipalities on the basin of the accumulation, coordinated actions of all factors of the catchment area must be carried out. Unwanted processes can be foreseen, prevented by the preventive measures, thus ensuring long-term and sustainable use of the reservoir. PUC "Vodovod Krusevac", as a socially responsible company, provides maximum support to the citizens to get acquainted with the results of monitoring of water quality in the lake, as well as with the results of water quality that citizens use for their needs. By implementing the educational workshops, waste clean-up campaigns , PUC "Vodovod Krusevac" is trying to change the awareness of citizens and provide training to younger generations in a sustainable relationship towards this common benefits.

The legal basis for the sustainable development of the accumulation is included in the Study on the zones of sanitary protection of the water sources of the accumulation "Ćelije" and the Regulation on the establishment of the Spatial Plan of the special purpose of the catchment basin "Ćelije". The legal acts were adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, since the dam and accumulation "Ćelije" are owned by the State, and the management is entrusted to the Public Water Management Company "Srbija voda".


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