The Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant, where the testing period is ongoing, was visited today, on June the 18th, 2020, by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Prof. Dr. Zorana Z. Mihajlović.

Together with the Vice President, the Plant which is in the phase of the testing operation was visited by BIA Director Bratislav Gašić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zoran Lakićević, Head of the Rasina District  Branislav Vesić, Kruševac Mayor Jasmina Palurović, PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" General Director Vladimir Milosavljević, PC Director "Roads of Serbia" Zoran Drobnjak, a Representative of the German Development Bank Kfw Mr Arne Gos, Representatives of the Consulting Company "Gauff" and Representatives of the Management and other Business Entities of the City of Kruševac.

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The new Plant has a capacity of 90,000 ES. The construction of the Plant was preceded by works on the sewerage network and two groups of Collectors LOT 1 and LOT 2. The network covers urban and rural areas. The total value with the associated construction of the collector network in the length of 63 kilometers is around 24,000,000 million euros. The Project is financed by the German Development Bank in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with 95% repaid by the Government and 5% by PUC ”Vodovod Kruševac”. The process part of the Plant consists of facilities and equipment on three lines: water, sludge and biogas lines.

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Three years have passed since the laying of the foundation stone, and today the Delegation had the opportunity to visit the most modern Plant and get acquainted with the work of the latest technology for wastewater treatment in Serbia. After the visit in the hall of the Administrative Building of the Plant, statements were given by the Head of Rasina District Mr Branislav Vesić, General Director of PUC "Vodovod - Kruševac" Mr Vladimir Milosavljević, Director of KfW Bank Mr Arne Gos, Mayor Mrs Jasmina Palurović and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Zorana Mihajlović.

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"The day when the city of Kruševac got the most modern Wastewater Treatment Plant has finally come. Investing in communal infrastructure is of great importance. With the completion of the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kruševac, two new Plants will be built in Brus and Blace, which should protect our natural treasure - Lake Ćelije. The estimated value of the above mentioned is about 13 million euros. The total investments, in addition to the communal infrastructure at the territory of the Rasina District, which, in addition to these Plants, also include the landfill in the settlement of Srnje, should be over 50 million euros, "said the Head of the District, Mr Branislav Vesić.

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"With this investment, the city of Kruševac has become one of the most modern ecologically regulated cities in Europe. Kruševac is a city that cares about its environment and its watercourses. In addition to the construction of the sewerage and collector network in the urban and suburban area in the total length of 63 km, we have solved the regulation and drainage of wastewater at our territory. With the construction and commissioning of the Plant we will permanently solve the collection and processing of wastewater. Our Plant, unlike many others in Serbia and throughout Europe, has three processing lines, the process of anaerobic digestion and solar drying sludge line are reasons for our Plant to be unique, compared to others for similar purposes. The total value of the Project is 23.864,000 million euros, which is financed by KfW Bank, of which 9.4 million euros are for the construction of the collector and sewerage network, and 14.4 million euros for the construction of the Plant itself. Wastewater treatment has a capacity of 90,000 ES including and economy, with the possibility of expanding to the 120,000 ES. In all previous years, the City of Kruševac and PUC “Vodovod Kruševac” have worked intensively on expanding the sewerage network. After the construction of this Plant, we will not stop there, because our goal is to cover all the settlements on the territory of the City of Kruševac with a collector and sewage network. This is an opportunity to thank everyone who helped us to complete this Project. I would first like to thank the consultants of the Consulting Companies "Gauff" and "Setec" which were selected by KfW Bank, all Contractors and Subcontractors who have made a big step in the sewerage network and this Plant. We owe immense satisfaction to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which financially supported this Project, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, which helped us to present such a large Project, Minister Zorana Mihajlović and her team, who always helped us whenever we had technical problems. I would also like to thank our citizens of the City of Kruševac, Mr Bratislav Gašić, who provides all the help to the City of Kruševac and PUC “Vodovod – Kruševac”. I would especially like to thank the President of Serbia, Mr Aleksandar Vučić, without whose help the city of Kruševac and PUC “Vodovod – Kruševac” would not have assigned this Project and this Wastewater Treatment Plant, "said the director of PUC" Vodovod-Kruševac ", Mr Vladimir Milosavljević.

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The Director of KfW Bank also addressed and greeted the present at such an important moment for the City of Kruševac.

"The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany helped finance this Program with about 24 million euros, which was loaned by the Development Germany KfW Bank. We believe that the result of this Project can be a model for all other Projects being implemented in the country and I want to point out that so far we have cooperated with about 20 cities in Serbia on Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Projects. We want to continue this work and in the coming years, eight more Wastewater Treatment Plants will be built in municipalities throughout Serbia, "said the director of KfW Bank Arne Gos.

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"The Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant is very important for the City of Kruševac and for all the surrounding settlements, as well as for all their inhabitants. In addition to actively investing in the construction of the water supply network, it is equally important to work to protect the environment by constructing this Plant. We realized that the development of modern Kruševac is in raising environmental awareness and protecting the environment. Currently, it is one of the largest investments in the City and as such has a special significance in terms of technology. I am pleased that our City had the opportunity to build the first modern Wastewater Treatment Plant in Serbia, which will be in line with EU Standards, and in this way the problem of wastewater treatment at our territory will be permanently solved. The support that we get from the Government of the Republic of Serbia is very important, as well as from line Ministries, because without their help we would not be able to fully implement this Project. On this occasion, I would also like to thank to our citizens of Kruševac, the former Mayor Bratislav Gašić, who stands up for our City every day, "said the Mayor of the City, Jasmina Palurović.

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"This is an important day for both Kruševac and Serbia. A Wastewater Treatment Plant has been built and it is now in testing period. It is of great importance for the communal infrastructure of our City, and also for the protection of the environment. This is the most modern Plant, not only in Serbia, but also in this part of Europe, and we are really proud that practically Serbia, ie Kruševac, sets certain standards for some other Cities in Serbia, how Cities should take care not only of the basic infrastructure but also about communal infrastructure, without which there is no beautiful and quality life and better living standard. The City of Kruševac represents an example of the City that is really changing. We have achieved a lot, precisely because we work together. The city of Kruševac, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and all our partners are deserved today because Kruševac can seek to become a "Green City" next year. The value of this Plant is 24 million euros and will be an example because that solar drying of sludge is being done for the first time and there is a possibility for dried sludge to be delivered to the Power Plant that will be able to consume at least 8% of that material from this Plant. So, everything we could do energetically from this Plant to be environmentally efficient and healthy, we did here through the example of this Plant ", said Minister Zorana Mihajlović.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Zorana Mihajlović also emphasized the importance of building a Regional Landfill in which about 16 million euros will be invested and announced the rapid construction of the Moravian Corridor, all with the aim of keeping young people and a better quality of life for citizens. The City of Kruševac will soon be a City that meets the highest standards in all parameters.

Former Mayor Bratislav Gašić added that all citizens of the City of Kruševac should be proud of the achievements that have been reached in recent years. This should include today's commissioning of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the most modern in the region, replacement of the previous with modern LED Lighting in urban and rural areas, the imminent construction of the Regional Landfill in the settlement of Srnje, reconstruction of school and other facilities according to energy efficiency principles. All this also classifies the City of Kruševac as a future ecological (Green City), which was also emphasized by Minister Mihajlović. Next year, Mr Gašić announced the construction of the so-called Center 3, at the location of the Old Airport, where seven streets will be constructed, as well as three ones in the settlement of Parunovac. The great jubilee - 650 years since the founding of the City of Kruševac will be noted in a way worthy of historical significance and the name of the old Serbian capital.

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