Execution of Works on the reconstruction of this fountain began in March 26th and they included the rehabilitation of the pool area, replacement of the existing tiles, concrete floor, waterproofing, as well as installation of new tiles with finishing works.

Within these works, carried out by the company "Tehnokamen" from the settlement Gornji Stepoš, repair and impregnation of marble around the pool area of the fountain was done. Funds in the amount of 1,191,600 dinars are financed by PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" from their own funds.

There are 6 fountains and 14 public drinking fountains on our system that we maintain and care about , while Public Health Instutute controls the quality of drinking water.

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In the former area of "Fontana" Square, there was the market "Gornja Vaga" where the citizens of Kruševac sold wood and cattle. In June 1959, the first fountain with benches, grass and floral areas was built at this location. This area has been reconstructed several times since that year, and the last time was completely completed in 2012, when the fountain was modernized by expanding marble linings and attractive waterfalls. Since its construction until today, it has retained the same purpose, and it is one of the most beautiful places for breaks and rest.

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