Communications and standards

If we say that business culture encompasses a system of values ​​and norms of behavior and contributes to more successful business, then it is understandable why PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" and this segment of their activities have paid considerable attention. Most employees accepted the stated attributes of business culture and developed them through a shared work experience and interaction.

In the past decades, the employees of the Company had a correct attitude towards water consumers and users of the Company's services. Observed in a wider context, business communication in the Company manifested itself through dedicated work and timely performance of work obligations, through professional development and promotion.

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Through communication with the business surrounding, public institutions, business partners, professional and scientific institutions and organizations, PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" has always been opened and ready for cooperation. Openness to the media was especially reflected in cooperation with both local and regional, as well as with the national media, who regularly monitored all activities in the Company and, generally objectively, informed the broadest public about the news and ongoing activities. About twenty years ago, PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" had its own newspaper called "Vodovod", which comprehensively informed the public about all the events in the collective. Given that contemporary trends in society and the open market imply the need to strengthen internal and external public relations, PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" will keep up and develop them in accordance with contemporary norms and standards. Thus, for the purpose of more efficient information, the newspaper "Vodovod" is replaced by the official website of the Company - www.vodovodks.co.rs and facebook pages of the Company.


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In the PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac", since the establishment, there was a branch of the Trade Unions. Today, there are two Unions in the Company: Trade Union Organization of PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" and Trade Union "Nezavisnost" (“Independence”). Trade unions have focused their activities on achieving working obligations and protecting the rights and interests of employees, and they also play an important role in the conclusion of collective and special contracts with the employer. In addition, in cooperation with other Trade Unions of Serbia, they organize sports and recreational activities for employees.

Education of the Youth

In order to educate young people about the importance of water and water resources, PUC "Vodovod-Krusevac" actively organizes educational presentations, both in the Water Factory in Majdevo and in educational institutions. The Open Door Day in the Water Factory in Majdevo is organized several times a year on the mutual initiative of the Company and Educational Institutions. The process of treatment and distribution of water to the final consumer is presented to the students of primary and secondary schools or faculties , and the importance of preserving and protecting water resources, as well as the Project for construction of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant. Within the presentations held in educational institutions, various interesting facts and quizzes were organized for a certain level of children in pre-school and school age. The presentation "Significance of the Protection of Lake Ćelije and Wastewater Treatment" is foreseen for several classes, and the workshop "How much do we know about the water we drink" for the lower classes. PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" conducts quality eco activities for young people in cooperation with the Working group for ecological education of the Local Authorities of the City of Kruševac.


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"22. MARCH "- International Water Day and Eco Day

World Water Day is being marked on March 22nd around the world for awareness raising and conserving water protection, the importance of water as a limited natural resource, and indications of a lack of drinking water in many parts of the world. On the occasion of PUC"Vodovod - Kruševac", traditionally, every year, at the Center Square, sets up its stand and organizes numerous activities. Within the event, citizens are interviewed about satisfaction with the services of this Company, the importance of investments in environmental protection and wastewater treatment. Also, at the stand of PUC "Vodovod - Kruševac", citizens are informed about activities on maintenance and expansion of water supply and sewerage network.

PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" is a development oriented company focused on new investments, which contributes greatly to the spreading of environmental awareness of citizens. World Environment Day was established in 1972. It is celebrated each year at the beginning of June in more than a hundred countries in the world with the aim of paying attention of the governments and directing the general public to the burning issues of environmental protection and the need for their continuous resolution. The PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" puts emphasis on the protection of the Ćelije Lake, the water treatment process in the Water Factory in Majdevo, activities on maintaining and expanding the water supply and sewage network and the presentation of the future Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant from the territory of the City of Kruševac.
In this way, the Company is in direct contact with consumers and users of services, which greatly contributes to the improvement of the relationship and the quality of communication with customers.

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Standards and procedures


PUC "Vodovod - Kruševac", has an accredited Laboratory for water meter control. On the basis of the performed inspection and evaluation of the authorized institution "ATS", in 2015, an accreditation certificate was issued confirming that the Laboratory for water meter control works in accordance with the requirements of the standard series SRPS ISO / IEC 17020-2012.



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